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Download instantly and print

off any relevant pages

Jump right into detective work, using your

case file and the internet to solve puzzles

and riddles, reading behavioral cues,

and unraveling the mystery

Put together the clues found in photos, documents, audio files, and on websites to build your case. Then compare to the

in-depth, final solution 

A man is dead, and his brother is convinced of foul play. Was it really a heart attack that killed Georgie Giordano, or is there a killer on the loose? It's up to you to unravel the mystery before it's too late!

This was a FANTASTIC mystery!

I bought this one as a primer to the 3 other Bloodhound Mysteries items that I recently purchased. Just WOW! I really admire the details of this case. It is evident that the shop owner put in a lot of time and effort to make the mystery amazing! 

Solve your first case today 

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We're a family who loves puzzles of all kinds - jigsaw, mysteries, crosswords, ciphers - you get the idea. We began Bloodhound Mysteries because we loved the popular mystery subscription boxes but were convinced they could be less expensive with equal quality. We were right! We work hard to keep our mysteries low cost and high quality, and we love doing it! 

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