The Rosewood Reaper

The Rosewood Reaper

A series of murders are plaguing the small city of Rosewood, leaving the police stumped. Can you help them catch the killer before they strike again? 


    Our mysteries are story driven and packed full of puzzles. You are given a casefile and dropped into a mystery, where everything must be examined carefully. With this format, you get the real feel of being a detective, following threads, and piecing together clues before making your guess and unlock the final solution.

    With your purchase you'll receive your Bloodhound Mysteries folder containing the case file with all of the documents and clues you need to get your investigation started.
    Using your case file, websites, audio files, videos, and photos, we deliver an awesome multimedia experience for you to enjoy at a fraction of the price. Follow every lead: email addresses, websites, etc.

    Play time varies depending on the players level of experience with picking up on patterns, solving puzzles, etc. Most of our customers spend about 3-6 hours on this mystery.

    This case is printed and shipped right to your door. For the digital download version, check out our shop!