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Murder Mystery Gift Bundle
  • Murder Mystery Gift Bundle

    We're excited to offer a gift bundle of our digital cases. Give a gift they won't forget, perfect for any occasion. Purchasing this bundle saves $5 as opposed to purchasing the cases separately. Join our ever growing fan base and purchase today! The digital is an instant download that can be emailed, given on a flash drive, or printed out at home.

    What's included:
    3 high quality, instant download mysteries. With your purchase you'll receive three Bloodhound Mysteries Cases each containing all of the documents and clues you need to get the investigation started.

    -The Lost Lam: A young man, desperate to find his girlfriend, terrified for her safety. Can you locate her before it's too late?

    -The Wayward Wife: A wealthy man searches for his wife and his money. Can you apprehend her and return what's his? Or is there something more sinister afloat?

    -The Framed Fugitive: A man comes to you in secret, claiming to have been framed. Can you untangle what really happened and clear his name before the law catches up with him?

    ***Please note, the Framed Fugitive has 3 PDF case files. The third one is not to be opened until the player unlocks the break in the case, and it is labeled accordingly***

    ***Some pages will need to be printed in order to solve the puzzles, and are marked accordingly***

    ***A QR Code Scanner is needed to play through the cases. Standard smartphone cameras can be used as a scanner or one can be downloaded for free on your phone!***