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Death on the Delilah
  • Death on the Delilah

    A luxury cruise sets sail for two weeks of relaxation and fun. Excitement turns to terror, however, when a body is discovered onboard. With no communications and a storm approaching, can you catch the killer before anyone else meets the same fate? 

    • Product Info

      We create mysteries are story driven and packed full of puzzles. With this format, you get the real feel of being a detective, following threads, and piecing together clues before unlocking the final solution.

      Play time varies depending on the players level of experience with picking up on patterns, solving puzzles, etc. Most of our customers spend about 4-6 hours on each mystery.

      Using your case file and other elements such as websites, audio files, videos, and photos, we deliver an awesome multimedia experience that you get to enjoy immediately, at a fraction of the price.

      ***The Rosewood Reaper consists of 3 PDFs, to be opened in order. The third is not to be opened until you ulock the break in the case. You will then be instructed to open it.***

      ***A QR code reader on a smart phone is required to play this game. Most cameras on smartphones function as QR code readers or they can be downloaded for free from your app store!***

      This is a digital download. If you want a physical copy of this cases delivered right to your door, check out our shop!